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Every beginner has gone through an unseen story to turn themselves into an art expert. That incredible story behind every crafty scene will be successful only when the best art resources are used. Specifically, for a diamond painting artist, it might be hard to get high-quality tools, but it is not impossible with Diamond Painting Hub. We here design every craft of diamond painting UK with an exhaustive artistic touch, leading you ahead to experience a whole world of serene and enticing elegance.

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Custom Diamond Painting

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Every art book of diamond painting will be beautiful, but one that is carved using a custom diamond painting kit UK will be everyone's favourite. In this amazing art, every pebble seems to be a shimmery star hanging on the canvas with colourful vibrance. When you immerse yourself in this amazing artwork, the artistic approach unleashes an aesthetic craft at the end. Have you started diamond painting yet?

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To start with a technical brief, paint by diamonds is an all-new form of mosaic artwork. The process includes pasting different types of alluring and colourful rhinestones on a well-executed canvas.

In to History: It is always a wonder to know about the inventor who crafted out this amazing crafty hobby suitable for every age. Initially, the origination of this artform took place in 2010 by Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd., a China-based company, but later in 2018, the craft form was moulded in a methodical and creative way by Angie Shehaj. She was the first artisan to introduce premium 5D diamond painting kits to everyone in Europe through Diamond Art Club.

A Look at Benefits: Also, painting with diamonds is a unique way of healing any sort of stress, and most of the artisans find this art form to be a standard route to overcome anxiety. It might be gazing at the art frame or just involving yourself in the process; both are efficient. You will really enjoy the procedure while crafting all the colourful stones carefully one-by-one on a canvas, which effectively reduces stress.

And in the end, this beautiful art is usually a visual treat that looks exceptionally glossy.


Diamond Painting Hub has evolved with the sole mission and vision of serving handy and eye-soothing artworks. Our company, rooted in the UK and launched in 2023, has spread its wings all across the world with perpetual progress. Apart from our constructive framework, the entire crew is always dedicated to provide every customer with the best of the best art and crafts.

At Diamond Painting Hub, you can expect trustworthiness in every product, from wall-framed artwork to custom-made artwork. We always focus on craft authenticity, resulting in shiny brilliance strokes along with a prime-quality accessory supply. Our terms and regulations concerning all payment policies are highly adaptable to everyone.

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Before making a note on the gradual procedure of making a diamond painting, make sure that you purchase the kit from an authentic store with a proper guide.

Setting Canvas Upright

  • Step 1: Unbox your diamond painting kit.
  • Step 2: Select the canvas you want to craft on and stick it on a table or any support.
  • Step 3: Don't remove the plastic sheet that is on the surface of the canvas. [You need to remove the sheet only in the place where you are filling the squares.]
  • Step 4: Now try to understand the label colours, representing the beads accordingly. These are sometimes represented in the form of symbols or colours. [Use the guide for better understanding.]

Placing the Diamonds Right

  • Step 1: Pour the diamonds into the tray with which you are going to start.
  • Step 2: Pick up your applicator tool and dip it in the gel provided. Then, attach the diamond to it and place it on the canvas as per the texture and colour.
  • Step 3: Carefully place the diamonds as per the instructions given at the side of the canvas. [Make sure that you are not applying more pressure on the canvas while applying the sparkling beads.]
  • Step 4: Fill all the squares with diamonds by slowly uncovering the canvas.

Crafting the Masterpiece

  • Step 1: Once you have completed the filling, try to place the same plastic sheet on the canvas and put some heavy objects on it [like books or any rolling pin]. Such that the diamonds are perfectly fixed to it.
  • Step 1: Now remove the plastic sheet from it and try to fix it in a frame by adhering all its edges properly to it.
  • Step 1: Yay! Your diamond painting is now ready.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Every question about diamond painting UK has an answer here. We are always here to serve you only the best. You can check our FAQ's section for all your doubts.
Happy diamond painting!

Diamond painting is a mosaic art form that follows the cross-stitch pattern of sticking the colourful resin beads one after another craftily in accordance with the canvas design. You can create any design using this diamond painting craftwork, and specifically, this artwork is used as a stress reliever and a therapy process. And if it is a custom diamond painting, then it is a proven fact that you feel lost in the magic world of art. Hurry up and fill your shopping bag with our exclusive collections of diamond paintings UK.

Immediately after purchasing a diamond painting kit Uk from Diamond Painting Hub, unfold it and separate the canvas and tools. Now place the canvas on a rigid support and start sticking diamonds as per the reference sheet provided in the kit. Always, while starting with this wonderful craft, make sure that you do it from the top corner so that you can leave a place for your other hand to rest upon. Also, make sure you finish up with one colour first and then choose another. Following the same routine consistently will help you achieve the final artwork.

Gradually you need a few basic tools like colourful diamonds, drilled pen to place diamonds on canvas, cube clay to hold beads strong, a reference portrait to follow, and an instruction sheet to have a clear vision of the process. Additionally, you also require a wooden support easel and storage supporter, an aluminium folding easel, and magnifying glasses with LED lights for finding any errors on the canvas. Here, you need to make sure that you get a pack of effective diamond painting accessories from an authentic store like ours.

There is no time specification for accomplishing this amazing art; indeed, the longer you spend on this craft of diamond painting UK, the more relaxing and rejuvenating you feel. However, if you again want to know about the art's duration for finishing, then it directly depends on the canvas frame and the design you choose. At a minimum approximation, it takes from a few days to a few weeks, and at a maximum, it can take a few months to complete artwork.

Diamond painting art is fairly suitable for every age and for children, it resembles a craft that is far more effective in building their cognitive thinking. The process of placing every colourful diamond on the canvas consistently without missing a single block on it and holding on to the art process until the final art piece is executed will develop life management skills in a child. So, there is no need to doubt this art; you can directly order a diamond painting kit UK from us and gift your child an outstanding art experience.

As an artisan, you always need the best tools to accomplish your artwork. Also, getting a top-quality diamond painting kit at a reasonable price might be difficult, but not nigh-on impossible with Diamond Painting Hub. We carve every diamond painting tool with keenness and carefully pack it. We also make sure it reaches you on time and damage-free. If you are looking for the best diamond painting kit UK, then Diamond Painting Hub will be a one-stop shop for you.